Public Star Viewing at Anne West Lindsey District Library in Carterville Wednesday March 27

Come out and see the stars through telescopes provided by the Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois and learn how to use the new Library Loan telescope available at the library. Viewing will be from 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm.

Mars Opposition Special Viewing Event

Layout of SIU Dark Site

Some information for the Mars Opposition event. The easiest way to find the site is to enter the GPS coordinates into google maps. The entrance off Chautauqua road will have one of the two new Astronomy Observation Area banners posted at it. Public parking is noted on the map inset included below. So far, 3 of the 10 telescope pads have been spoken for so that leaves plenty of room for additional club members and general public to setup on a pad. Feel free to bring your own lawn chairs / blankets to the event and bug spray this time of year is a must. There will be a porta potty at the site, but no other facilities or vending. Personal coolers are allowed.  

Wine Under the Stars – Public Viewing at Alto Vineyard June 22 6 pm – 10 pm

There will be a brief introduction on the grapes grown at Alto Vineyards, and a discussion on the production techniques used to create the award winning wines offered by Alto Vineyards. Followed with a review of what stars and constellations that will be viewable tonight. Members of the Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois will have multiple telescopes set up at the Vineyard for viewing starting around dusk. Stars expected to be seen this evening will be Venus (setting in the West), Jupiter and at least 4 of its major moons which will be very close to our moon, with Saturn and possibly Pluto in the low east. Also visible will be several open clusters of stars, including the Butterfly Cluster in the southeast. The public is invited to enjoy the wines, the discussions, and to come out and view the stars with the members of the Astronomical Association.

In case of inclement weather or heavy clouds… Event will be moved to Friday, June 29.