Our Board and Members


Harry Treece

One of the first year members of AASI and the club’s coordinator with  the NASA Night Sky Network.   Harry has a Celestron C11 and a Meade ETX125.  Harry also was the club’s first webmaster.

Vice President

Fred Isberner

Although he observes with a 9.25″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope from home, Fred is a frequent traveler.  He and his wife have observed solar eclipses in places as varied as Colorado and the Faroe Islands.  Fred took the prototype telescope for the Citizen CATE Experiment to the Faroe Islands for the first test run in March 2015.  He also maned one of the CATE telescopes and its recording gear during the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.


Sharon Smaga, a long time member, and Jennifer Moore, a new member share this office.  Sharon can be found at many of our public events and Jennifer will bring much to our group as a former intern at Adler Planetarium of Chicago.

Treasurer and Membership

Bob Morefield

Founding member of AASI and long time astronomy buff, Bob has done it all.  He observes, tinkers, does presentations, and builds telescopes.  He has observed through everything from a classic Unitron refractor to the 60 inch telescope at Mt. Wilson Observatory.  He has observed from sites as far away as Australia and his observing notes go back over fifty years!

Bob Baer

Bob does the astronomy outreach for the College of Physics at Southern Illinois University.  Bob was the Illinois coordinator of the Citizen CATE Experiment and trained Fred Isberner on the equipment for the Faroe Island eclipse in 2015.  He also the co-chaired the SIU 2017 Eclipse Steering Committee and was instrumental in getting NASA Edge, Mat Kaplan  of Planetary Radio, Adler Planetarium of Chicago, the LSU High Altitude balloon team and others to partner with the university for the 2017 eclipse event.