Featured Links

The Astronomical League

Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics This is a great site to start learning about astronomy (recommended by a visitor to our site, Thanks Quentin)

Online Astronomy Education A wonderful beginners guide to Astronomy. Great for kids who want to learn more about space. (recommended by a young visitor to our site, Thanks Peyton)

The Clear Sky Clock Will I be able to observe this evening?

Heavens Above What was that satellite that just went overhead?

Saluki Astronomy Association A Registered Student Organization at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Cloudy Nights A good place for advise on things astronomy related when the sky is covered.

International Observe the Moon Night Take part in a worldwide event twice a year.

Love the Night Sky A great site with good information on how to select and use astronomical equipment. Many how-to’s. Also has a section for locating clubs in your area.

International Meteor Organization When’s the next meteor shower, and where do I look?

Cometchasing for the latest updates on these periodic visitors.

Rochester Astronomy’s Supernova Page Get information for observing currently active supernovas.

The NGC/IC Project Information about every object in astronomers’ two most commonly used catalogues